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Out of Stock Items & Inventory

What new items are you expecting?

The page “What’s Coming?” lists everything we are expecting and the approximate dates of delivery.  This helps you make shopping decisions in advance.  Since we have the best prices on the web for Porto Clothing, Prairie Underground Clothing, Deca Paris Clothing, Planet Clothing, and Koch Clothing, our customers would prefer to purchase from us.  We understand and would like to make this planning process easier for you.

Inventory, “Out of Stock” items, and Special Orders

In the case of labels other than Deca, the items we stock are limited to stock on hand.  In the case of most items, if it goes out of stock, the listing in the shop will indicate “Out of Stock” until it is back in stock.  If it becomes apparent that we can no longer acquire any more of a particular item, the listing will be removed completely.  Everything we have in stock is listed on the website.  If you have an inquiry about a particular item, please do not hesitate to shoot us an email via the Contact Form. If a particular item is very popular and sells out quickly, we will reorder it if we can, as long as the distributor still allows reorders.

DECA PARIS SPECIAL ORDERS:  We have the ability to get all sizes of Deca Paris styles stocked in this boutique as well as some that are not in stock within a day turn around time so we can honor special requests for sizes and styles.  If you are looking for something in particular from the current or previous season in a specific size, please use the Contact Form to let us know the style name, color, & size and we will contact our supplier to see if it is still available.  If you special order an item, you will be invoiced via PayPal and the transaction will proceed as normal.  Special orders can be returned for store credit in the form of a coupon (see section in FAQs explaining Store Credit policies).

If you have a particular item request, feel free to suggest it.  If we get a lot of people asking for a particular item, we will look into stocking it.  Suggestions for specific clothing lines are welcome too.  You can be sure that we will offer it for a very competitive and fair price.

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