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Who is this Lynna person anyway?

Other than running Coup De Grace Clothing, I work in healthcare and am committed to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.  Hence, the clothing and accessories I offer on this website will reflect my passion for this goal.

My other interests include exploring our diverse world through travel and finding travel-friendly clothes.  I love pulverizing fruit in my Vitamix to make smoothies of all types.  I love shoes as much as the next gal and own a very impressive collection of shoes and boots.  I am a marathoner, crossfitter, boot camper, and obstacle racer.  My geeky side enjoys science fiction, zombie apocalypse-themed media, and video games.  My poison of choice is red, red wine.  I cannot stand fake people and ironing.  Be yourself… trying to be anything else just takes way too much energy.  Most importantly, LOVE YOURSELF and REJOICE IN YOUR ORIGINALITY!

USE CODE “cyber50” FOR 50% EVERYTHING (ALL ITEMS PURCHASED WITH THIS CODE ARE FINAL SALE) UNTIL 11/30/17!!!! *** $7 flat rate domestic shipping! $15 to Canada, $30 to Europe, $35 everywhere else (If Israel, please inquire first)! *** Dismiss