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About Us

Welcome to Coup De Grace Clothing!

Who are we and how did this site come about?

I noticed that items offered on retail websites tend to fit in one of these categories:

  • Inexpensive and poor quality

  • High quality but unaffordable

  • Nice style/design/concept but not built to last

Hours of online shopping seemed to yield very few sites that sold high quality items in an acceptable price range.  Hence, I decided to create my own site to address this need.  What you will find here is a collection of items personally curated by me, which fit the following parameters:  fashionable, comfortable, original, and fairly priced.

In other words:  You will not find any badly constructed or low quality items on this site!  Many of the items are made right here in the USA!  We also stock unusual brands from Europe.

The jewelry offered for sale is artisan hand crafted out of pure metals so the chances of developing an allergy are kept at a minimum.  The clothing is all low maintenance and travels well.  Who has time for tons of ironing??

I will not sell you anything I would not wear or own myself.  We all spend many hours slaving away at our (often unpleasant or boring) jobs to earn the cash that helps us get through life and I will not let you waste it on cheap merchandise that will not stand up to the rigors of an active lifestyle.

So, please make Coup De Grace Clothing your source on the internet for products that you will love for many years to come!


Owner and Curator

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